I am getting very excited and preparing to leave in just one month. With a passport, visa, plane ticket and sufficiently increased student loan (almost) I am ready to GO. Here are pictures of cute Scottish things to show how excited I am!

A thistle, the flower commonly associated with/used as a symbol for Scotland.

Dancing Scottish children! My favorite is the girl in blue on the right.

Scottish Pipers!

A lighthouse!


Anonymous ant Marilyn said...

Hi Anne,

How nice to hear from you through your Mom in Phoenix. She sent your info to all of us I think. How nice that you're enjoying your time in Scotland and that you're happy in New York.

If all of your aunts got the same info, you could refer to all of us as your "ant hill colony from Minnesota."

I printed the info out and will complete reading it when I get home, as I accessed it at work.

I'm still writing, now a history column for our regional newspaper, the St. Cloud times. My column runs twice per month, Saturdays, in the Life section.

Enjoy and learn and grow and bloom.

Aunt Marilyn

1:28 PM  

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