I had a very New York day today. I went to Bumble and Bumble (logo: Bb) to get my hair done, trendy-style. This is Bumble and Bumble, on 13th past 9 ave, way down in the meatpacking district (aka the edge of NOWHERE). W 13th St (Bb is behind the ADT van)...

Then I went to pick up something at Kids
Discover one last time, here I am with the adorable Emily and here is 5th Ave, where she works and I used to work:

Next, shopping with the fabulous Sara Fay:

The Cupcake Cafe! Everyone in NYC should go, it's attached to a children's book store and the cupcakes are so pretty. It will cheer you up any day. It's on W 18th, I think between 6th and 5th but maybe between 7th and 6th...
check. But it's beautiful.

Next, I had dinner with Alice at Kitchenette, my favorite restaurant in our neighborhood. You can't see how cute it is in this picture, but trust me, it's adorable.

Here is a better shot of my new haircut! I'm almost a hot hipster girl... almost. I'm told I have wavy hair. Who knew? I'm not supposed to brush it anymore. Being cool is hard, only my cousin Tess finds it effortless. She's the cool cousin. Anyway, here's my wavy hair and shorter bangs:

Here is a picture of Lars that I took yesterday:

The End
This entry brought to you by the letters NYC and the number 2 (days I have left in New York)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne Marie. It's been such a long time since I've talked to you at all- ok since your last letter to which I have yet to reply to.
It's Amelia by the way.
I was really excited to hear you were going overseas. Congrats! I look forward to reading about your adventures.
I've got a new email to- hug_a_tree_not_bush@hotmail.com, in case you decide to email any more things to me.
Have a fantasic day :)

6:58 PM  
Anonymous tess said...

i love you snow white! i hope scotland is treating you well! email me. or just mail me. whatever floats your boat, cutie pie. - Tess (?"the cool cousin"? what?)

7:56 PM  

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