Since I haven't done an update in awhile, I thought I would do two today. This one is devoted to my sister Holli's visit to Edinburgh. Holli came at just the right time. I was getting over being very ill after giving myself food poisoning. I knew that sauce had been left out too long, but it seemed such a waste to throw it away... anyway that was a mistake. But just as I was feeling better, my big sister came to cheer me up. We walked around Edinburgh and ate in fun cafes. We visited the castle and the Royal Museum and the National Museum of Scotland. Holli taught me to cook some new dishes. I really need new ideas for Scotland because lots of the food I was used to eating doesn't exist here. So that was very fun and helpful. Okay, here are pictures of Edinburgh Castle, the most over-priced tourist attraction EVER (10 pounds, or almost $18). Parts of the castle are really old, although they did lots of building in the 19th century. The oldest building is a chapel from, I think, the 12th century. Maybe 13th. Something like that. And people have been living on this spot of ground for 3,000 years. You can see for miles and miles in every direction from the top of the extinct volcanoe on which the castle sits, and some of the wall seem to grow right out of the rock. ...

Holli at the gate (19th c.):

The portculis. There are 7 gates leading up to the castle, and no invading army ever took it by force. There are 4 gates in this little archway, the portculis being the most familiar and scary looking. The cobblestones in the road are different in the middle so that the horses carrying up the really big guns could get a better grip. I felt sad for those horses.

A view of the city from one of the canons on the north wall. Notice that you can see all the way to the Firth of Forth (an estuary connecting a major river to the sea on the Eastern side of Scotland):

The view from the room in which Mary, Queen of Scots, gave birth to Jame I who unified England and Scotland. Notice that the sky is blue in the lefthand corner and dark gray in the right. That's the weather here--sunny one minute, raining the next:

Some armor and stuff from the great hall, a very old building on the outside but not so old on the inside, most of which is Victorian:

This lion gaurds the monument to all the soldiers who died in WWI and after, housed in a very old and beautiful building built on the highest point in the city of Edinburgh (that's really really high up). I like him:


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Well, I did a blogger search of 'Scotland' and I found yours. My name is Holly and I am a big sister, too. I visited Edinburgh several years ago, and just fell in love with the city. I can't wait to see it again. Anyway, cheers!

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