Day 2

On day two of my trip, we woke up early and drove past Loch Ness as the sun rose. We were blessed with perfect weather all three days, which NEVER happens in Scotland. We saw some Highland cattle, aka "Hairy Coo'oos" (spelled according to the tour guide's specification):

We stopped to have tea and admire the mountains next to this waterfall:

Next, on our way to visit a castle, we drove up a mountain, where we met these beautiful horses who definitely have the best view of any horses I've never met before:

A view of the castle we later visited:

Next, we drove to the Isle of Skye. The Vikings named it, and "skye" meant mist. People have lived on this island for ages and ages. There are still remains of Viking funeral pyres and ancient standing stones. Fortunately for us, this incredible, magical place was not misty the day we visted--we could see for miles. We hiked up along side this waterfall:

And splashed around some in the cold, cold water. We even stuck our faces in a pool said to be enchanted by fairies. It was supposed to make us 5 times more beautiful than we were before... maybe it meant inside?

Here is a sign on Skye, in Gaelic and in English:

Before heading to the hotel, we visited this volcanic beach on the eastern shore:

One is never more than 3 miles from the sea on this island, and the beaches are often black because the islands were made by volanoes. I fell completely in love with this place, if you can't tell. I want to live in this house and do nothing but write. Perhaps visit my neighbors' sheep and talk walks in the hills:

We slept in a hostel that night, just under the brige that took us to Skye. I was very sorry to leave and hope to make it back for longer than one day...


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