Joyeuse Anniversaire a Moi

I turned 21 yesterday! It was a fantastic day. I don't have any courses on Wednesdays, so I had a whole day of fun to plan. Annie and I had lunch (and margaritas) at 1:30 pm, then I did some shopping, had dinner and went to see As You Like It with Nina. I really enjoyed the show, it was great. Next, we went to a bar called Dome because it's converted from a very old bank and it's incredibly ornate. It has this beautiful dome ceiling and palm trees and makes you feel as though you were in late 19th century Britain. Annie and Marie met us there. (Isn't it strange that I'm Anne-Marie and two of my flatmates are Annie and Marie?) After Dome closed, we wandered into a student pub. After that, we came home and had some Cadbury's birthday cake. It was a great day! I'm very grateful to everyone who made my foreign birthday a happy one.


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