snow and schnitzel

Alright, it's been AGES, but I'll finish my Europe posts!

Salzburg and Vienna (Day 2):
I woke up early. Unfortunately, my clock was still set to UK time, so not as early as I thought. It had snowed in Salzburg overnight, and I was feeling a bit better. My voice was starting to come back. And the sun was shining! So I took pictures of Salzburg in the snow:

Look at more pictures at that website down below. Anyway, I was an hour behind, which I realized when I saw a clock. But I managed to book it to the train station and got on the train with 60 seconds to spare! Suddenly, I was on my way to Vienna.

I can't describe the scenery I saw from that train. With all the snow, I thought for a moment that it looked like Minnesota only with big mountains and hills. Maybe I was homesick, but it seemed to me I could understand why my ancestors picked MN. The little villages, the snow, the mountains, the pine trees... it was magical. I tried not to go to sleep, which was impressive since I was still sick and hadn't slept well in the hostel, just so I could stay away and watch Austria go by. I tried... and pretty much failed to photograph it. But look:

When I arrived in Vienna, after some small confusion, I found my lovely friend Christine. She does not like having her picture taken, unfortunately, so you'll have to trust me that she's adorable. We went home, chilled out, had a snack and then went to some Christmas markets. Like this one, at the Rathaus (town hallish place):

You can tell by the angle of the photo that I had a fever... oh well.

Sunday, I woke up with a migraine and stayed in bed. We finally went out at night, when I felt a little better, and the next few days I felt much better and we were adventurous. We went to the Staatsoper and saw Falstaff, which made us laugh a lot. The building was incredible! I went to the museum while Tina was in class, and I loved that too. We went to Schonbrun, a palace with extensive gardens, a hedge maze and a very steep hill with a beautiful building (the Gloriette) that is now a cafe at the top. We also went to the Schmeterling Haus, which is a butterfly conservatory. We went out to eat Austrian food and yummy yummy desserts, drank beer and punsch (stick sweet stuff at Christmas markets). We walked a lot and got very very cold. I had a GREAT time and would like to go back sometime, less sick and with more opera tickets. There's still a lot of Vienna that I haven't seen! Here is some of the stuff I did see:

Schonbrun, too wide for my camera:

again, from the Gloriette, and Vienna:

a butterfly!

art museum:

creepy Roman heads (same museum):

the opera house:

And I'm too lazy to add more. Go to my picture website. Go to Wien (Vienna).


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