I got to be a tourist in London this time, and it was fabulous. I walked a lot. I went to St Paul's and the Globe and the Tate Britain. I had Christmas in Kent with the lovely Bell parents. I went to Bath, where Jane Austen lived for a time (rather unhappily) and where much of Persuasion, my favorite novel, is set. I took a scenic train route home through Bronte country in Northern England. I was glad to be home by the end of it, but it was a beautiful trip.

Harrods at Christmastime! I went shopping and had a Krispy Kreme. Yummmm.

Queen Anne outside St Paul's:

view from the Millenium Bridge over the the Thames:

The Globe:

The stage at the Globe:

Tate Britain, my favorite museum in the world (and I took a Thames boat to get there!! Geek OUT):

Westminster Abbey, at night (haunted?):

Big Ben, all artistic and stuff. These iron fences are everywhere in London, so I included it in the picture. They're lovely:

Bath's Jane Austen Centre:

The Royal Crescent (too wide for my camera, this is about 1/3 of the thing. Most prestigious address in Bath):

Cool/creepy cathedral with people climbing the outsides:

This city is so pretty:

Her house, people. I saw her house! I'm sure the people who live there now are used to nuts with cameras, but I did feel strange. Not that it stopped me!


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