Christina comes to Scotland (via two Irish cities)

Christina came to visit me last week! Yaaaayyyy! In her craziness, my crazy best friend found a flight from Boston to Shannon to Dublin to Edinburgh. So that was fun. She showed up tired but happy to see me, of course. I immediately took her out on the town for yummy food and fancy cocktails.

James and Xtina:

Xtina and Graeme purusing the amazing menu of cocktails at Bar Khol, famous for it's amazing vodka selection. I won't go into detail, lest I disturb relatives with my excitement over all that vodka. But seriously, people, GINGER vodka? Woah.

My girl in Bobby's, the pub nearest the theatre, after sitting through an entire rehearsal of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. She earned that pint of cider. (There's not much to do in Scotland, okay? We don't drink THAT much).

We didn't just drink, we also went shopping and I got my haircut. Opinions?

Sleepy Christina at Elephant House (of JK Rowling/Harry Potter fame) for breakfast at noon:

Us, before she left me to move to Prague. I can't put on a scarf and it doesn't match my jacket, but it's cold here, okay? Okay.


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Your hair cut looks dandy.

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