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Bedlam Ball

Last night I went to a real ball! I felt like Cinderella, especially when the heel on my shoe broke. That's like losing a glass slipper, right? I'll try and tell the story proplerly...

Every year the Edinburgh University Theatre Society (aka Bedlam, which is the name of our theatre) throws a ball to celebrate how fabulous we are. This year, the ball was at the Dynamic Earth, a science museum of sorts. I am terrible at taking pictures but will try to add more when I get them from friends. After getting ready:

This is a dress I bought for no reason over the summer at the Ann Taylor on the ground floor of the building where I worked. It is dangerous to walk past a clothing store 4 times a day. But it turned out to be a great purchase even though I had to wait a long time to wear it.

This is me with Matt and the Iceberg. You see, the evening began with a champagne reception in two connected sections of Dynamic Earth. First, there was a rainforest, which I didn't think to photograph. Then, this ice berg, which is real. Matt tried to get me to lick it. I knew better.

The Iceberg. If I had better timing you'd be able to see the northern lights projected onto the wall behind it. Cool! hehe.

After the champagne, we went to have dinner. It was a lovely meal. This is Helena. She's from Belfast. What a star.

After dinner, there was dancing. This is Emily, someone I don't know, Cat and Heather. They are lovely. I know Emily and Cat from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. I know Heather from parties like this one.

Unfortunately, that is the end of my pictures. After dancing we went to Bedlam and danced some more on the stage. It was one of the most fun nights I've ever had.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Paris. Next Friday, New York. The Friday after that, Prague. Can't wait!