Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since I posted anything here, but since I'm travelling again, I thought I'd start updating this blog again. Well, I have officially received my BA in English. In anticipation of this event, I went to the senior class ball. Of course, I only drank coffee, the cup you see in my hand, and deny any preference for martinis...

Christina (my BFF) and I took this picture in order to contrast it with the "Winter Wonderland" photo taken of us during our first year at Barnard...

After four years and increasingly better taste in clothes, hair and accessories, we graduated!

(That's me and Columbia's Butler Library and about 1.5 million graduates.)

(That's me and Alyce in our caps but not gowns because our dresses were too fabulous to hide.)

Here, we cue the Broadway Musical Avenue Q: "What can you do with a BA in English?" asks the puppet, a recent grad of NYU...

Well, first, BA in hand, I decided to go on vacation in three places. Here's me on vacation in Maryland visiting my friend Lars:

(Lars isn't in that photo, but I picked it to highlight the Maryland-themed crab hat on our friend Alex there. We were having a very serious conversation. I swear.)

Up next, vacation photos of me in Arizona with my mom and stepdad...


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